jueves, 21 de octubre de 2010

Legoland Florida abrirá en un año

Legoland Florida se inaugurará en un año, la apertura está prevista para octubre de 2011.

Hoy había una preview en el parque temático para dar más detalles aunque ya se desvelaron las principales novedades hace algunos meses. Una vez más confirmaron que guardarán los jardines y el espectáculo de esquí náutico.

En la web oficial han publicado varios vídeos de las zonas temáticas (con artworks e imágenes de otros parques Legoland) así como el plano del parque.

Además ya se pueden comprar los billetes de entrada en la web: 65 dólares para los adultos y 55 dólares para los niños y los más de 60 años (impuestos no incluidos). También venden los pases anuales. El "Standard Pass" cuesta 99 dólares (válido para los días de apertura en 2011 y todo el año 2012). Existe también un "Ambassador Pass" que cuesta 2500 dólares y permite un acceso ilimitado al parque durante toda vida, con algunas ventajas más (descuentos en tiendas y restaurantes, eventos especiales, ...). Son tarifas promocionales, el año que viene será un poco más caro.

Nuevas fotos del parque: cfnews13
Reportaje vídeo: WFTV

Actualización (22 de octubre):
También un vídeo de la rueda de prensa realizado por Orlando Attractions Magazine (duración: 23 minutos):

Ésta es la lista completa de las atracciones, publicada en el comunicado de prensa:
Park Details

The Beginning hosts park entry, ticket and pass sales, the Garden Restaurant and The Big Shop.

• The Big Shop – One of the largest retail stores in the world where guests can a huge selection of LEGO and LEGOLAND merchandise
• The Market – Authentic imported Danishes and freshly baked pastries, espresso, milk, juice, fruit, a selection of yogurts and soft serve ice cream

When guests enter Fun Town, they truly get a sense they’ve entered a LEGO village.

LEGOLAND Florida will feature a variety of retail shops and delicious treats, most notably, Granny’s Apple Fries.

• Factory Tour – A firsthand look at how LEGO bricks are made from factory to finish
• Studio Store – Visit this store to pick-up all your favorite LEGO licensed products, like Clutch Powers, Bob the Builder™ , SpongeBob™, Indiana Jones™, Star Wars™ and Batman™
• Granny’s Apple Fries – The home of our signature dessert item! This must-have snack is made with crisp Granny Smith apples, powdered with cinnamon and sugar and served with a deliciously sweet vanilla cream sauce
• Fun Town Theater – Four different 4-D movies will show throughout the day at LEGOLAND’s largest 4-D theater with seats for 700!

Miniland USA, the heart of every LEGOLAND Park, will be home to seven specially themed areas – Washington, D.C., New York City, Las Vegas, Kennedy Space Center, Daytona and of course Florida.

• Florida encompasses the entire state from Mallory Square in Key West to Bok Tower in Central Florida and antebellum mansions in the Panhandle. Miniland Florida also includes an expanded area for Kennedy Space Center and an interactive Daytona racing experience where guests can race LEGO brick cars.
• Las Vegas features the world-famous Strip including the Luxor Las Vegas, New York, New York Hotel and Casino, Excalibur, Mirage, Treasure Island, Tropicana, MGM Grand, Venetian, Stratosphere tower and two iconic structures of Paris Las Vegas: the balloon sign and Eiffel Tower. “The Strip” at LEGOLAND also features a miniature wedding chapel, monorails and real life sounds recorded in Las Vegas. The architectural landmark is built out of more than two million bricks and represents more than sixteen-thousand hours of creative artistry.
• Washington, D.C. sports faithful recreations of the White House, Capitol Building, Smithsonian, Washington and Jefferson monuments and parts of Georgetown. An animated marching band parades in front of the Capitol and tiny cherry trees blossom every spring.
• New York City features the Freedom Tower years before its completion in the Big Apple. Tiny jets of water shoot up from the fountain in Rockefeller Plaza, while an army of animated yellow taxicabs prowls the streets of Times Square. The Statue of Liberty, a cutaway view of Grand Central Station, The Empire State Building, The Guggenheim Museum and the Bronx Zoo are just a few of the recognizable landmarks.
• A Pirate themed section hosts a full-on swashbuckling pirate adventure as two opposing pirate ships and their “mates” battle it out upon the high seas.

Castle Hill takes kids back to medieval times where spells are cast and many knights, damsels and dragons are found.

• The Dragon – An indoor/outdoor steel roller coaster that features a spirited and humorous view of life behind the scenes within the enchanted LEGOLAND Castle
• The Royal Joust – Kids ride LEGO themed horses through a number of medieval scenes where they encounter other riders in a simulated joust

In Land of Adventure, adventurers of all ages explore hidden tombs and hunt for treasure.

• Coastersaurus – This junior coaster reaches curves and dips in and around a prehistoric jungle of animated and life-sized LEGO brick dinosaurs
• Lost Kingdom Adventure – LEGOLAND Florida’s spectacular dark ride invites guests to fire laser blasters at targets and brave the rugged Egyptian landscape in all-terrain roadsters, while attempting to unearth the vast treasures of a forgotten empire
• Pharaoh’s Revenge – This outdoor attraction lets children and parents fire soft foam balls at enemies and explore the complex maze of the Pharaoh’s kingdom
• Beetle Bounce – Launch 15-feet up toward intricate, brightly jeweled LEGO scarab beetles perched atop two monumental obelisks


• LEGO TECHNIC® Test Track –Brave guests feel the power of acceleration, braking and
maneuverability as they race a life-size LEGO TECHNIC vehicle along a wild roller coaster
• AQUAZONE® Wave Racers –Riders zip in and out of waves as they dodge water blasters on
this dual water carousel ride

LEGO City, the perfect place where youngsters can live out their dreams in a scaled down town created just for them.

• Fun Town Fire Academy – Families race to put out a “blaze” by piling into a “fire truck” and power it by pumping levers across a paved straightaway. The first family to put out the fire and make it back wins!
• Driving School – A “real-life” driving experience for children ages 6 through 13, where kids receive their official LEGOLAND driver license
• Junior Driving School – A scaled down version driving school course for children ages 3 through 5
• Flight School – An inverted steel coaster that lets kids feel the thrill of flight
• The Big Test - This interactive show uses acrobatics, music and playful fun to teach fire
safety as the zany crew of Fun Town Fire Department attempts to conquer the “Big Test” to
become official firefighters

Imagination Zone emphasizes exploring and creation, while showcasing seven of the most visually
exciting LEGO models in the world, including a replica of Albert Einstein’s head.

• Game Space – Features thirteen game stations where guests can experience LEGO STAR WARS™ and other family-friendly games like LEGO INDIANA JONES™, LEGO BATMAN™ and Monsters vs. Aliens all year round
• Build & Test – Build a LEGO car and test it against the competition on the digitally timed
• LEGO MINDSTORMS™ – Build and program cutting edge, computerized LEGO MINDSTORMS™ robots
• LEGO Clubhouse – Kids and parents stock up on bulk LEGO brick and Make & Create kits while enjoying ice cream, popcorn, beverages and snacks Kid Power Towers – Kids and parents alike hoist themselves up to the top of a tower to get a great view of the entire Park and the lovely Lake Eloise, and then enjoy a fun “free-fall” to the bottom

Pirate’s Cove has been taken over by swashbuckling pirates along the shores of Lake Eloise at LEGOLAND Florida’s very own live-action water stunt show.

DUPLO® Village is ideal for toddlers and their growing minds. Youngsters can fly a plane, drive a car or explore a whole town – all designed with their height in mind